Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

 My art making practice is primarily painterly, embodied, experiential and transformative; I work with past, present and future possibilities within myself through which I create possibility

 My work embraces all things, in the performative post-humanist sense where all phenomena are mutually inclusive co-creative agents within life. I weave both the human and non-human, embracing the mix of stone and air and trees that form intricate aspects of self, identity, memory, movement and place.

I also facilitate, in one-to one’s, groups, and in partnership, with local artists and organisations, engaging within communities and schools. My interdisciplinary teaching practice weaves the arts, philosophy, sciences and more.



workshop images – From the Inside out 

As an SGI Buddhist, I am concerned with the power of each human being to affect positive change, engendering awareness of value creating processes, within the context of a world landscape. The human being and the landscape: we find ourselves facing complex, multiple problems across human and environmental spheres which requires subtle/complex solutions, from everybody.  Increasingly, I hold the question – how can I change myself to change the world?

movement work


I am currently engaging in community projects, commissions and collaborations – email