Morgan Sinton-Hewitt


Walton Charity Allotment Mosaic


Working alongside volunteers and a local school (details coming) at Walton Community allotment to make a mosaic… Here’s some of the feedback from the group:

Overall impressions?

“Excellent.  I can’t believe how quickly the project has taken shape”

“Morgan organised us very well with everybody doing their own little bits which all came together as a whole”

“Enjoyed it”

“Really well orchestrated but at the same time allowing individual creativity and participation”

“Enjoyable & satisfying”


North sheen woods – youth art…

One Sunday morning we, a group of local kids with their families, went into North Sheen woods and made some work inspired by exploring the textures and colours that we found there and made some collaborative work.


See also ‘Teaching Practice‘ for further examples of  gallery/school engagement.