Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

Work as an Artist Educator – some examples

Young Artists Club. As Artist Educator I ran a weekly art group at Orleans House Gallery (2015-2019) for children aged 8-12, exploring art and the world we live in through research, drawing, dance, music,  print, sculpture, painting, projection-mapping, land art, construction, cast-making, writing and film-making.

Octagon club are a group of young people with additional needs working out of Orleans House Gallery. I have worked with the group from 2008 to its closure in 2018. My various capacities included 1:1 artistic support with individuals in the group, transitioning from home into the group and planning and facilitating larger group projects. Work includes the exploration of different arts-processes and themes including Light (2013) and environmentalism in Beyond the Trees (2015) – the investigation of recycling and nature in art-making on a woodland eco-trail-art. In 2018 we looked at fashion and textiles as well as costume design.

Light (2013)

Beyond the Trees (2015)

From the Outside In (2016)

Dance, Art and the Body (2016)

Treasures on our doorstep (2017)

Creations (fashion and textile) (2018-2019)

Transitions Art Group is an established group of young adult artists all of whom have some additional need. Most of the group have graduated from an early beginning in the Octagon Club which makes for a very special group of Artists. In 2016 both Transitions and Octagon explored different themes around ‘science of the body’ in an integrative art-science project awarded by the Wellcome Trust.

From the Outside In (2016)

Dance, Art and the Body (2016)

Personal portfolios (2017)