Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

From the Outside in (2016)


‘blurring the line between art and science – through the body’



Artists (Morgan Sinton-Hewitt, Anna DimitriuMelissa Fisher, Elizabeth Murton and Heather Barnett) working alongside scientists (Dr Lewis Goodings, Betsy Lewis-Holmes, Sarah Bearchell), a musician (Holly Barker) and dancers (Amici Dance Theatre Company)  engaged in an art-science exploration – the project provided participants with an opportunity to work with their peers, creatively explore how their bodies’ function mentally, physically and psychologically and how this has been understood historically. We developed skills and knowledge relating to art, biomedical science and communication and shared these with the wider community.


The Projects:


Memory, Movement and Neuroscience – Morgan Sinton-Hewitt (with Dr Lewis Goodings and Holly Barker)












Genetics and the digital age – Anna Dimitru and Melissa Fisher

Mechanics of the Body – Elizabeth Murton

Mapping the Body – Heather Barnett, Betsy Lewis Holmes and Morgan Sinton-Hewitt (with Amici Dance Theatre Company)









The body of work created was shown during 2 exhibitions which I co-curated with Josie Dick @ Orleans House Gallery