Embodiment, Dance and Movement (2015 onwards)

I explore embodiment as a rooted ontology and epistemology for/within my art making practice, this is my human revolution. ¬†Embodiment; how we come into being moment by moment. Herein movement forms profound expression, action and language, intimate ways of being and knowing within myself and relationally. All my work relates to my body and is part of the process of embodying, of phenomenal alchemy (through my Buddhist practice) which enables me to make causes for a future that would not have otherwise been possible… my life is based on the philosophy and practice which is a revolutionary way to live (a departure from the dominant beliefs and practices in the west). Key Buddhist principals underpin my work – including, the oneness of body and mind, the oneness of self and the environment and dependent origination (profound inherent interconnectedness).¬†
These works range from 2002 and include a variety of media, processes, collaborations. Exploration continues through painting, drawing, movement, photography, sculpture and writing.
“Fatticoat’ (2002)
Mod roc, wire, plastic and margarine

Being Hurd – Movement based exploration of Memory with performance at Roehampton University – I participated un Mike Turner Lee’s Undergraduate Dance thesis. I made a series of drawings throughout the research and performance phases (2017)

An open conclusion – Dialogue in movement with Dr Maria Rova as part of my supervision process in my own undergraduate research journey (2015)

MU (2014)

Exploring Kinaesthetic Empathy, Roehampton University (June 2014) Collaborative art-photography-dance project with Dr Marina Rova as part of her interdisciplinary PhD programme. This painting is the culmination of a series of work I made whilst engaging within Marina’s Dance and Movement research workshops. Drawings here
dancing with gohonzon (2014-2015)

… and other paintings