Sustinere – ‘to hold’ (latin) 2016-2021

I spent time drawing embodied material through touch, a process of sensing and exploring self-other through different pieces of wood. I would keep my hand, fingers on the pieces of wood, sensing through our different bodies, the material of stories within. As I sanded and drew from touch, I revealed a new layer in time. The stories seemed to lift out of the wood like a needle picks up recorded sound from vinyl. This exploration of self and other through touch enabled me to connect to latent places within myself.

investigative drawings and photographs (part of 2016 series)

Finding form

in grain,

taken in from the air,

in water, absorbed

particulates, held

the matter of human beings

grown, gifts

in ignorance

of interconnection

still, held for us

treasure, life

Sustinere – ‘to hold’ (2021)