Morgan Sinton-Hewitt


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Artist’s bio

Morgan considers herself, and makes an ongoing conscious effort, to engage in the world as a global citizen. Moving a lot as a child nurtured an identity that is not limited to any particular place. Born in South Africa, she lived as a child in Johannesburg, Brussels, England and Scotland. Leaving school early, she gained entry to The Slade but became sick and postponed the course which she never returned to. From this point on, she made art by herself. Often this was autobiographical, providing a mirror with which to see within and navigate life’s vicissitudes. Morgan gained a first class honours degree in Psychology at Roehampton University, and has a wealth of experience in engaging different groups from a 15 year long socially engaged arts education practice. She has expertise in using a wide range of art forms and processes (including and not limited to, drawing, painting, dance and movement, writing and photography). As a practising Buddhist Morgan’s work has a lived contemporary buddhist lens, it is autobiographical, she explores transformative embodiment, the phenomenal agency and dignity of life; interconnection, oneness.


Roehampton University (2017-2018). Dance and Movement Psychotherapy Foundation

Trinity College of London Discover and Explore (2016), Bronze and Silver (2017). Arts Award Trained Facilitator.

Roehampton University (2012-2015). Psychology (BSc), 1st class Honours degree.

The Open University (2008-2011). Oceanography (Level 1 pass); Exploring Science (Level 1 distinction); Certificate in Natural Sciences (2009); Mathematics (Level 1 Merit); Child Development (Level 2 distinction)

The Slade School of Fine Art (2003-2004) – BA  Fine Art (uncompleted)

The Byam Shaw (2002-2003) – Fine Art Foundation


Spitalfields studios show. New Wave (August – Dec 2023)

Taplow court Grand Culture Centre (July-Sept 2023)

Spitalfields studios show. Galvanise (August – Dec 2022)

Bermondsey Project Space. British Painting 3 (7th – 28th June 2022)

Holy art online show (April 2022)

Taplow Court Grand Culture Centre (Oct 2019- Jan 2020) with artist Houria Naita

Summer Salon Group show, Islington Arts Factory (Aug 2019)

Joint show with Artist Claire Frances Rollinson, Taplow Court Grand Culture Centre (Nov 2016 – Jan 2017)

Meet the artists, Orleans House Gallery (March 2016)

|MU| Kinaesthetic Empathy, Roehampton University (June 2014) Collaborative art-photography-dance project with Dr Marina Rova.

Solo show, National Theatre Green Room (July 2006)

Group show, The Byam Shaw (UAL) (June 2003)

Group show, The Slade Summer School (August 2002)


From the Outside in – Orleans House Gallery – with artist Josie Dick (2016)

The Body and Art – Orleans House Gallery – (2017)

From the Outside In – with artist Josie Dick – Orleans House Gallery (2016)

Autism awareness week – with artist Josie Dick – Orleans House Gallery (2016)

|MU| Kinaesthetic Empathy – with dance artist Dr Marina Rova – Roehampton University (2014)

Solo show – National Theatre Green Room (July 2006)


Dialogue – new work investigations underway.

Light and materiality (2016 – 2019) – including ‘Sustinare‘ Investigation into phenomenal experiences working with wood, silk, glass and colour, documented through experiential writing, painting and photography.

Being Hurd (2017) – Explorative Dance research project led by dance artist Mike Turner Lee, I participated through the research phase and a cumulative dance research performance.

Self and Other Entanglements: A Material-Discursive Exploration. Sinton-Hewitt, M. (2015). (unpublished). Martin Glachan Prize for Best Undergraduate Project. This research investigates how identities and memories form through various opportunities and how this is performatively enlivened in the space between self and other, forming rhythmic subjectivities that instantiate our knowing or unknowing. I integrated three analytical forms: Discursive Analysis, Phenomenology and Embodied Feminist Diffractive Folding, pioneering new methodology in the field of Psychology.

MU (2014) – I was invited to create artistic responses and participated through the different phases of Dance Psychotherapis, dance artist and choreographer Marina Rova’s PhD research on Kinaesthetic empathy (through Phenomenology, Dance movement Psychotherapy and Cognitive Neuroscience). This culminated in a performance-exhibition at Roehampton University co-curated in ‘moving dialogue’ with Marina.

Projects/CollaborationsSocially engaged art practice

Art & Soul (2021-2023) – Supporting Mental Health, Connection and Wellbeing through Art.

United Response (2018-19) – Transitions 2. I supported the charity in the initial phase of establishing the SEND Art group.

Woking Allotment Charity (2018) – working with a local SEND school and a group of adults, some with mental health issues, to create a large-scale mosaic piece for the allotment.

From the Outside In ( 2015-2017) – Wellcome Trust and Orleans House Gallery – art-science investigation which explores the heart, neuroscience, memory and movement through the body with two SEND groups.  

Orleans House Gallery (since 2013) facilitating projects/group work.

One-to-one (since 2010) private arts mentoring and community work eg: thread, sticks and time in woodland space. .

Employment Experience

Artist (since 2005). Embodied, experiential and transformative; I work with the simultaneity and of past, present and future.. In my lived, felt-sensed experience, all phenomena have co-creative force. Exploring my role, voice, oneness and agency as a human being with(in) the land. Increasingly, I hold the question – how can my own inner transformation change the world?

Artist Educator/ Mentorship (2013-current). Private, Gallery, Education setting and Community based Arts Education mentorship, supporting young people with mental health issues or who cannot be in standard education due to health reasons; to explore, learn and grow through making art. I am an Arts Award facilitator to Silver level.

SGI-UK Seven Seas Group Administrator (April 2020-Nov 2021, voluntary role). Co-steering with the leadership team, supporting the group members to organise/lead events. Included supporting European Steering Conference and Global Citizenship in Education and Actioning the UN’s SDG’s (Centre for Applied Buddhism in partnership with Soka Gakkai International)

Research Assistant (2014) – Roehampton University. Supporting PhD students undertaking research included quickly assimilating and communicating appropriately with different audiences; conscientiously welcoming and ensuring the comfort of participating members of the public.

Youth Club Leader (2012-2013) and Siblings Art Group Leader (2009-2010) – 21 and co.  In addition to supporting children, planning, delivering events, I led training on Downs Syndrome and Safeguarding. I established, led and supervised a team of 10 staff, promoting excellent communication and cohesion within the team. I facilitated safe spaces for children with Downs Syndrome and their siblings to explore and express through art and other activities.  

Activity worker (2010-2014) – Crofters Club (LBRuT). Community support worker (2012-2015) – Short Breaks Care Team (LBRuT). Befriender (2008-2015) – Ruils and Three Wings Trust

In these three SEND roles I supported children with various and complex needs in different environments, from group activities, outdoor residential holidays, to 1:1’s, empowering children with complex disabilities to overcome challenging situations through which we find ways to grow and develop as people.

  • I am a perceptive communicator within both verbal/non-verbal communication, using PECS/MAKATON.
  • Organised and supported individuals’ transitions from 1:1 basis into social groups.
  • Efficient team-work overview, supporting colleagues and clients as a whole.

Children’s Centre Coordinator (Jan 2010- Sept 2012) – Norman Jackson and Tangley Park Family Centre(s) in Hampton

Highly organised, conscientious, openly welcoming and caring, I have a solid foundation and excellent track record in planning, organisational and support skills. As part of a small team responsible for establishing and running two local children’s centres, efficiency in record keeping, budgeting, commissioning services and programming events, personable professionalism with my colleagues, including all our multi-agency partners (local charities, NHS and local authority) and adaptively and openly welcomed, supported and nourished every child, mother, father and guardian genuine care and consideration.


  • Global Citizenship in Education and Actioning the UN’s SDG’s (Event Manager – May 2018) – Centre for Applied Buddhism in partnership with Soka Gakkai International
  • Psychology Undergraduate Student Conference (Undergraduate research presentation – March 2015) – Roehampton University
  • STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference (Undergraduate research presentation – April 2014) – Edinburgh University