Education and Socially Engaged Art

education / teaching practice 

There is symbiosis between what matters in my teaching/research/curation practice and in my personal process: my educators body is performative, I work with /  for inclusivity, connection and transformation

From the Outside In: ‘blurring the line between art and science – through the body’

– teaching and curating – biomedical science through Arts processes with two SEND groups (2016-2017)

Sensate, durational objects as intersectional to/for sensate meaning and matter and transformation

Embodied, Performative, Social Education 

Collaborative and situated


Self and Other Entanglements: Locating Self through Everyday Objects

Hybrid methodology and Analysis, borrowing Discursive Analysis from Psychology, Phenomenology and Embodied Feminist Diffraction (K.Barad) and situating these within Arts making practice to research Self (Identity and Memory) through Arts- and everyday- Other’s (2015)


MU – Exploring Kinaesthetic Empathy

through Cognitive Neuroscience, Phenomenology, and Dance and Movement Psychotherapy. I joined Marina Rova and made work alongside her PhD research process (2014)

Culminating in an Art, Photography Exhibition and Dance Performance, these are some of the images shown:


Being Hurd

Memory (2017)

Dance artist Michael Turner-Lee’s undergraduate thesis research project on memory. As I participant, through the art-form of dance, we collaboratively explored themes relating to memory during the research, choreographic phases, culminating in a performance at Roehampton University.

Drawing and writing embodiment (personal process):


Materiality and Light – Sense Making (2016 – 2020)

across different localities and media

of human beings and trees and everything in between

conjured sound and feeling from

unseen things

In the community

various projects (2013-2022)

          here are a few home, gallery and community (in person/online/hybrid) based arts education and social engagement projects – I work to empower individuals and groups, bringing people together through art and dialogue, building community…


Some other projects info:

Specialist Educational Needs and Disabilities groups and Universal Children’s art workshops

one to one’s