community projects

Walton Charity Allotment Mosaic (2018)

A 10 week project working alongside group members and in collaboration with a local school to design and make a mosaic (with recycled/found materials) which now stands at Walton Community Allotment (facebook).

Piecing it together

… Here’s some of the feedback from the group:

Overall impressions?

“Excellent.  I can’t believe how quickly the project has taken shape”

“Morgan organised us very well with everybody doing their own little bits which all came together as a whole”

“Enjoyed it”

“Really well orchestrated but at the same time allowing individual creativity and participation”

“Enjoyable & satisfying”

North sheen woods – youth art in nature… (2016) 

One Sunday morning we, a group of local children under 11 years old, with their families, went into North Sheen woods and made some work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, we explored the textures and colours that we found there and made some collaborative work.

See also ‘Socially Engaged Education Practice‘ for further examples of gallery and school setting engagement.

Isolation Project – Zoom (2020)

Online experimental drawing workshops with a community group from Walton Allotment Charity combating isolation in lockdown – Feedback from the group:

  • “Loved this! So calm and relaxing”
  • “Stretched my mind as I would never have picked up a pencil and tried this”
  • “Awesomely, amazing, fun, good to try new things and try different ways of doing things and pushes your boundaries. Lovely lady!”
  • “My favourite activity, so much fun”
  • “Enjoyed learning new techniques”
  • “Lots of new ideas. I will be using with the Girl Guides”
  • “So chilled and fun”
  • “Wouldn’t mind getting an art kit”
  • “A much better teacher than I had at school!”
  • I valued that I am not an artist but this allowed me to explore and experience having a go at art”

Remote Connectivity Group – connected by shared time, words, creating new stories together (2021)

Art & Soul (2021 – 2023)

I am currently supporting the lead facilitator / Art therapist and provide an online safeguarding presence. These are some of the groups I am/have/will be supporting in 2021:

  • Remote Connectivity – Supporting the online group wellbeing and connection
  • RBmind – Adult Mental Health through Art
  • CAMHS – Adolescent Mental Health through Art
  • Achieving for Children – Mental Health and Connection