Mapping the Body

Mapping the Body

From the Inside Out, Project 4

In collaboration with Heather Barnett and Betsy Lewis-Holmes




Over 6 weeks we explored mapping (of and with) the body! We began by exploring the heart with double headed stethoscopes, maps of our hearts and vascular system:


2016-06-07 18.12.57 2016-06-07 18.13.05


We asked what happens when we add movement? How does the heartbeat change?

Then, Betsy introduced us to Eadweard Muybridge (click for more info on Myubridge) who influenced some movement exploration (film pending):




and used this to inspire zoetrope animations and large-scale gestural drawing:




and took this into our environment where we mapped the Orleans House Gallery woods with our art work and our bodies:






A film of the entire 4 projects – Memory and Movement, Genetics and the Digital age, The Mechanics of the Body and Mapping the Body by Artist Amy Pennington is yet to come…